Litigation / Dispute Resolution & Real Estate


Welcome to Judy Metcalf Law

Attorney at Law Judy Metcalf’s experience is broad and deep. Clients invariably seek out her services because of referrals from other lawyers who have seen Judy in action in the courtroom, at the negotiation table, and through her consistent, clear, and timely communications.


Second only to those referrals from lawyers are the matters she undertakes at the recommendation of a former client, a licensed property surveyor, realtors, and even former adversaries.

Areas of Practice:

  • Litigation / Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate
  • Probate Litigation & Administration


"Thank you again for your brilliant assistance as we navigated this litigation (I hope I never have to do this again!). We have all been so grateful for your capability, intelligence, and candor.”
"I don’t think I could have gotten to where I am literally/legally or emotionally without you (the latter being the real feat!). I guess that’s why they call you “counselor”! You’ve been worth every penny and I’d tell anyone that. And I’m surely not saying anything you don’t know when I say I’m NOT easily satisfied and even less easily impressed. You satisfied on all counts."
"We want to thank you so very much for representing all of us in such an efficient and empathetic way. You kept us informed from the beginning – explaining the steps, the time it would take (which we admit was daunting!), answering our questions, and you made sure you were thoroughly informed about the facts and feelings regarding this difficult situation. Although we have been frustrated and stressed these past months, we were confident that we were in very competent hands.”